SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL Special Care for All Types of Hair, Natural, Curly, Multi-Ethnic


Blow Dry/Out Services, Hair Stylist, Hair Extensions



5-10 Minute Consult $0

Shampoo and Condition $15

Deep Condition $10

Hot Oil Treatment $15

Protein Treatment $15

Organic Henna Hair Color $40+

Cut and blow dry $45

Cut and roller rod $55 +

Natural cornrows $55 +

Cornrows w/ext (synthetic) $75+

Corrow w/ext (human hair) $95 +

Custom Handmade Human Hair Locs -

Individual Braids $150

Tree BRaids  (lacing) $300

Starter locs (comb twist) $80 +

Loc Styles $10-25

Loc Repair $5 -10 per loc

Loc Maintenance Start at $85 +

Loc Maintenance (Tuesday Thursday special $55)

Loc Maintenance and Edge $35 +

Loc Maintenance and Style $40 +

Loc extensions $200 +

Natural Two-strand twist Start at $65 +

Natural cornrows $45 +

Natural twist/cornrows $75

Interloc Tree Braid Combo $250 +

Innerloc/Tree BRaid Combo - $275 +




Cut and blow dry $25

Womens haircut $40

Men’s Haircut $40

Color and blow dry $35

Straight Natural blow dry $35

Color w/highlights and blow dry $45

Short Hair wash and blow dry $35

Short Hair Color and blow dry $35

Blow dry and Press $35 +

Shampoo/Style $50

Roller Set $60

Straw Set $75

Henna Color $50

Textured Natural year round conditioner and blow dry $35

Freedom Hair Lock and Set $35

Braids and Natural Hair Styling $65 +

Rolls/Braids/shampoo $35

Locs and Style $35 +

Loc Style $15 +

Loc start  $80 +

Loc Maintenance $55 +

Interlocking requires a Consultation for exacted pricing $125




Braids add hair colors




Weave/Sew-in Removal

Custom Extensions or Locs

Kinky curly twist (does not include Human hair)

Kinky afro twist (does not include Human hair)

Cornrow Kinky twist combo

Extension Twist (including syn hair)




Trim - $25

Conditioning treatments - $25

Please be advised there is a fee for takedowns and any excessive detangling



Physical Changes (Starting at  $45 & Up)


Physical changes are temporary alterations of your current hair structure. The healthy natural care option is for those seeking non-permanent results. Includes Shampoo with Scalp Manipulation ( includes deep cleanse and moisture balance); Condition  (includes weightless hydration and natural proteins) Blow Dry & Wet Styling ( Simply Beautiful own signature product leave in- butter conditioner, wet styling agent and blow dryer or hooded dryer as required)


Change your hair from Chemical dependent to Raw and Natural Simply Beautiful! It takes time the transition will not be overnight. However with consistent appointment and application of what Master Stylist Lisa Carr advises your Healthier hair is an appointment away! No more weak, brittle, flaky scalp or limp lifeless hair [ insert a picture of a Damaged cuticle hair strand and a health cuticle hair strand]


Steam Therapy Wrap (Starting at $20 & Up) - Steam therapy is a deep conditioning process for those with natural hair challenges such as color treated, dry, brittle, over processed hair and scalp ailments. ST is a 15-30 minute process that helps to achieve and maintain healthy hair. Detoxifying Steam - rids impurities and product build-up; Design Lines (Starting at $15 & Up) - design lines are precision cuts that form and shape each signature style ; Basic Cut; Signature Cut or Trim


Color Changes (Starting at $45 & Up) - Color changes enhance natural hair by adding complementary hues of various colors in temporary , semi permanent, or permanent transformations; Custom Color Blends or highlights or lowlights to provide spot color throughout the hair or two shades lighter than rest of hair and lowlights are normally tow shades darker than the rest of the hair.


2 Month Starter Routine Loc Maintenance Program initial comb coil or routine maintenance (w/basic style, conditioning and oil treatment and maintenance a $250 Value for $185



Natural style Program Partial partial extension 2 or 3 styles (reg. $75 includes consult, shampoo & Conditioning Treatments $265 value only for $155 [BUY NOW]  Natural Style PRogram Includes: Consultation bi-weekly wash, deep conditioning and your choice of blow out, cornrow/twist combo, or straw set style a $275 value buy now for $200 [BUY NOW]



Specialty Natural Hair Care

Specialty Natural Hair Care (Quoted Upon Consultation)

Textured natural hairstyles with health natural hair care maintenance is reviewed and during consultation the best results for the hair and future clients expressed need is achieved


Comb Twist

Two Strand Twists

Lock Maintenance

Lock Installation

Lock Wash and Style



MEN’S Services (Starting at $20 & Up+)


Hair Cut and Edge


Scalp Treatment

Corn Rows and Wash



Cut and blow dry $23

Cut and blow dry $210


BRIDAL & GROOM PARTY or Special Event

Bridal & Groom or Special Event Natural Hair Design (Starting at $55 & Up)


Simply Beautiful Hair Designs LLC.

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SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL Special Care for All Types of Hair, Natural, Curly, Multi-Ethnic